Theresa Meade

Theresa Meade

Professional Walleye Angler

Professional Walleye Angler

Good Anglers Always:

1. Obtain permission to fish on private land.

2. Pick up and pack out pop cans, empty wrappers, containers, used line and other trash. Remember! Pack in, pack out!

3. Carry a current license and follow the regulations. Every state is different and requires a license for different ages. Check out what the state you’re in requires and get a copy of the regulations.

4. Are considerate of the environment! Maintain motorboats so oil and gas will not drip into lakes or streams. Remember that lead is poisonous and discarded line can be a hazard to wildlife!

5. Wear lifejackets while in a boat or canoe. Keep an eye and any children or people that can’t swim while in or around water!

6. Offer assistance to others in outdoor emergencies.

7. Respect wildlife and refrain from disturbing nests and dens.

8. Are kind to their catch! If you’re not planning on keeping your fish, use barbless hooks and get the fish back into the water as soon as possible. Handling fish puts stress on them so let them go as soon as you can after catching! If the hook is imbedded too deep, you won’t be able to retrieve it without harming the fish, so just clip the line as close as you can to the hook and let the hook stay in. It will soon disintegrate and cause the fish no harm.

9. Give other anglers room on the water. Always practice good safety rules when fishing.

Good Anglers Never:
1. Dump unused bait into the water. This can introduce unwanted species into the environment which can be very bad!

2. Hog a good fishing spot. Be considerate and share your tips and good fortune!

3. Cast too close to a boat or another angler.

4. Disturb other anglers with loud music or yelling.

5. Leave fish guts lying around after cleaning your catch.

6. Disregard fishing regulations

7. Tell tall fish tales. (Just kidding, we all do!)